Step 1: Snap on Universal Pipe Clamp

Step 1

Align Universal Pipe Clamp to Standoff using the ruler indicator*, snap Universal Pipe Clamp onto Standoff at pitch interval needed to meet local, state or federal building code requirements**. Ensure teeth on Universal Pipe Clamp snap into teeth on Standoff.

Step 2: Secure Standoff base

Step 2

Secure Standoff base onto substrate (i.e. floor or ceiling joists, plywood, etc.) in appropriate location per building code. Use minimum of two screws in opposite slots provided for better stability. Four screws are recommended for all standoffs.

Step 3: Push pipe into Universal Pipe Clamp

Step 3

Push pipe into side opening on Universal Pipe Clamp to secure.

Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 on all additional intervals

Step 4

Repeat steps 1-3 on all additional intervals to maintain proper pitch during installation.

* Arrow indicators on the Universal Pipe Clamp rotate depending on orientation of clamp.
** Consult your local and federal building code as well as equipment manufacturer instructions for exact requirements.
NOTE: Some installation runs exceed 60 feet (18 meters) for condensate, 32 feet (9 meters) for waste. In these cases, Standoffs can be stacked using dovetails provided.