• Avoid Costly Water Damage

    <b>Avoid Costly Water Damage</b>
  • Pitch to Code Every Time

    <b><i>Pitch to Code Every Time</b></i>


Pitch to Code
Every Time!

With the Perfect Pitch, you can quickly and confidently slope pipes or lines to your required pitch. Forget finding scraps or blocks to prop up your HVAC installations.

Leave the job site with peace of mind, use Perfect Pitch on your next HVAC install.

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Universal Pipe Clamp

Universal Clamp

The Universal Pipe Clamp supports: 1/2″ , 3/4″ , and 1″ pipe diameters.


Built-In Ruler

Use the Built-In Ruler to easily set pitch to required slope.



Stack stanchions for longer and more complex HVAC installations.

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Made in USA

All parts of this product are manufactured in the United States.

AHR Innovation Award

Award Winning

Perfect Pitch received a plumbing innovation award in new product design from the 2013 AHR Expo.

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